Introducing New England Ramblings

Photograph by J. James Mancuso

Warner House Press is proud to announce that we will soon be publishing New England Ramblings by J. James Mancuso. This spiritual and photographic journey through the beautiful vistas of New England is highlighted by original testimonials and excerpts from scripture.

J. James (Jim) Mancuso is one of the founding faculty at Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vermont. He teaches English, and serves as Vice President of Library Services, as well as elder at the First Presbyterian Church in Schenectady. In New England Ramblings, Jim has written a series of stirring testimonials, accompanied by hand-picked verses and beautiful photography.

Jim’s camera captures New England in a way that truly recognizes its beauty and history. With particular attention to the Great Awakenings of the past, New England Ramblings strolls through all four seasons in admiration and hope for another revival to come.

You can find more about New England Ramblings at its landing page: Also be sure to look at more of Jim’s work on his own home page:

The work is currently scheduled for a tentative release date of May 1st, in full, premium color hardback.

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