Mabel Meets Erda

We are proud to announce our first children’s book, Mabel & Erda: How Mabel Louise Met Erda the ‘Squatch and Became Best Friends.

Mabel Louise is an exceptional young lady and skilled adventurer. One day, she runs into something really unexpected: A Sasquatch! But Mabel’s kind heart leads the two unlikely girls to become friends. This colorful, heart-warming tale, told and illustrated by Bonnie L. Ferguson, captures a spirit of adventure and friendship that is suitable for all ages.

Mabel & Erda will be released on September 4th. Pre-order now at Amazon:

Bonnie L. Ferguson lives in the Piney Wood country of North Louisiana, where she spends most of her days playing outside, swimming, foraging for berries or looking for forest beasts with her son. Before becoming semi feral, she attended Louisiana Tech University where she studied art and art history. She can be found in civilization teaching art at a rural private school.

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