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Chosen to Speak is an upcoming book from the founder of Ramblers United, Pastor Dave Arden. By connecting with the developmental journey of Moses overcoming his own difficulties in public speaking, it aims to build personal confidence and make its readers into leaders. Learn more about Chosen to Speak on the Ramblers United home page:
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23rd July 2019

What is Copyediting?

One service offered by Warner House Press is copyediting, but what exactly does this entail? Less intensive than developmental editing, but more comprehensive than proofreading, a copyediting session involves checking spelling, grammar, syntax, and formatting issues throughout the document. Not only that, but special attention will be paid to consistency in formatting and content; things like plot holes or accidental contradictions. The only thing not covered by copyediting is improvements and advice on the writer’s own

23rd July 2019

What is Proofreading?

Warner House Press offers a variety of editing services to suit any writer’s need. In this post, we’ll take a look at the most basic of them: Proofreading. When most people think of editing, they probably think of this service. Proofreading focuses on correcting grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors; making certain that the author’s work is a professional and presentable finished product. While it does not engage with the manuscript as deeply as other services,
Warner House Press: What is Developmental Editing?
Developmental editing is the most in-depth service offered by Warner House Press. It includes all the grammatical, syntax, and consistency edits covered by proofreading and copyediting, but also suggestions from our experienced literary team on how to improve the content itself. The goal of developmental editing is to improve the client’s content into the best version of itself it can be, while still maintaining the author’s unique voice.
Warner House Press: Moral Fiction Banner
Welcome to Warner House Press, a new private editor and publisher in Northern Arizona seeking to act as an alternative to traditional publishing houses. We’re looking for authors with something to say; a work that they care about and want to share with the world. In short, Moral Fiction. This blog is meant as a space for us to share our ideas, post excerpts from some of our favorite books, and share a bit of
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