Never Forget Eternity

Never Forget Eternity: The Three Ws of Christian Living

American churches from every denominational and non-denominational group are closing their doors each day. Why are once vibrant congregations closing their doors? Why does Christianity seem to be losing the battle? There are many reasons, but one is that they have become “households of amnesia.” Simply put, we as Christians have forgotten Whose We Are, What We Are Here For, and Where Our Real Home Is.

Never Forget Eternity is a Bible study for individual and small group use. It is intended to help us recover our memory in these three critical Ws. The passion for the Lord we experienced as new believers will be restored if we take the biblical message seriously.

The author, Rik Danielsen, was born into God’s kingdom during the student revival of the late 60s and early 70s known as “The Jesus Movement” and has been a Bible teacher in churches across the west ever since. His desire is to experience another great revival among God’s people and hopes this study might have a small part in seeing that revival begin in the hearts and lives of individuals and churches across the land.

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Praise for Never Forget Eternity:

In this book, Pastor Rik writes as a practical philosopher approaching the questions everybody asks. In unpretentious style and with a bent towards reflection and application Rik helps navigate readers towards finding meaning and satisfaction in life.

Dr. Rob Peters, Founder and President,

Dr. Rik Danielsen has identified three fundamental truths that should comfort every believer into faithful service to our Lord Jesus Christ. “The 3 Ws” is a succinct yet piercing presentation of the believer’s identity in Christ, and the visible evidence that new identity should produce in the witness of any genuine believer. Pastors can use this study to jump-start outreach initiatives with a tailored focus to their own communities and the specific DNA of their churches. Further, Dr. Danielsen’s language is easily adaptable for preachers to keep these themes before their people through regular preaching and teaching. Finally, the book is easily digested personally so that it can be offered to new believers cycling into the life of the church. Never Forget Eternity: The 3 Ws of Christian Living is a fantastic resource for any church leader wanting to help believers grow in their faith in, and service to, Jesus Christ.

Josh Jennings, Pastor/Planter, Aletheia Church, Sedona AZ

In this study, Dr. Danielsen challenges us to never forget whose we are, what we are here for, and where our real home is. Like Moses of old, he instructs us to remember and apply these truths to our lives. In a day when so much has been forgotten, this is a timely reminder!

Dr. David Johnson, Executive Director, Arizona Southern Baptist Convention

Rik reminds us of those simple things a healthy church member needs to remember. He not only reminds us of the gospel, but helps us put it (back) into practice.

Rev. Brian A. LeStourgeon, Senior Pastor, Hillside Baptist Church, Phoenix

In his book, Never Forget Eternity, Dr. Rik Danielsen reminds us of three important and practical components that are essential for every growing Christian.  His book also helps God’s people learn to praise, honor, and magnify our Savior while encouraging them to stay on a consistent path towards spiritual maturity.  One of his most important quotes is, “Christians have forgotten what they are here for.”  His goal is to help each believer become what God intended them to be.  This is the perfect small group church-wide study that will rejuvenate any local body of believers!

Randy Craig, Vice President, International Evangelism Association