Editing Process

The Warner House Press Editing Process

Step 1: Submit a manuscript

The first step of the editing process is the submission of a manuscript. Depending on its length, the full work will then be split into Canonical Documents. This can be done on the basis of chapters, or any other criteria that makes sense  Each Canonical Document is usually no more than 5000 words, or approximately 10 pages in length.

Step 2: A collaborative space

Warner House Press uses Google’s G Suite to provide a collaborative space where editors and authors can work together on their projects. After each Canonical Document has been determined, it will be uploaded to a secure Google Shared Drive, where all involved can make changes and the revision history of the document is saved automatically. This way, there’s no chance of losing work, and edits can be rolled back if they go in a direction that is later decided to be unsatisfactory.

If you have your own Google account already, great! We’ll give you access to the shared drive on that account and you can use it for access. If not, no problem! Warner House Press will be happy to set up any client with a free Google account as well as training on how to use it and access their work on the shared drive.

Step 3: Two editing passes

Once a Canonical Document has been uploaded to the Shared Drive, our editor will perform an editing pass by leaving comments and suggestions on the work. The client can then access the document themselves and either approve or deny these suggestions, making real-time changes as needed.

After this first review is complete, the editor will then make a second editing pass, followed by a second review. The amount of time each stage will take varies, but Warner House Press guarantees that each pass will be completed no later than five business days after the most recent submission or review.

Step 4: Finalization and payment

After the second editing pass and accompanying review has been completed, that Canonical Document is considered finalized and the client will be sent an invoice for the service and word count associated. As Warner House Press bills by the word and per Canonical Document, rather than by entire work, the client has more flexibility in determining when and how much of their work is edited at any one time. If you decide our services are not right for you or your situation otherwise changes, feel free to back out or put us on hold at any time between Canonical Documents.

Warner House Press accepts most major credit cards for payment, as well as PayPal, through Wave.