Never Forget Eternity: The Three Ws of Christian Living

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American churches from every denominational and non-denominational group are closing their doors each day. Why are once vibrant congregations closing their doors? Why does Christianity seem to be losing the battle? There are many reasons, but one is that they have become “households of amnesia.” Simply put, we as Christians have forgotten Whose We Are, What We Are Here For, and Where Our Real Home Is.

Never Forget Eternity is a Bible study for individual and small group use. It is intended to help us recover our memory in these three critical Ws. The passion for the Lord we experienced as new believers will be restored if we take the biblical message seriously.

The author, Rik Danielsen, was born into God’s kingdom during the student revival of the late 60s and early 70s known as “The Jesus Movement” and has been a Bible teacher in churches across the west ever since. His desire is to experience another great revival among God’s people and hopes this study might have a small part in seeing that revival begin in the hearts and lives of individuals and churches across the land.

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