The Greatest Wave

This uplifting learning experience encourages those who pursue Christ and His righteousness to “ride the wave.” Biblical precepts from Genesis to Revelation usher the learner into the presence of Christ, who affects us at every crossroad and season of life.

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All topics in this study guide are filled with nuggets of Scripture. This refreshing learning experience builds precept upon precept until the complete picture unfolds. Because Scripture interprets Scripture, there are numerous verses in every chapter that serve like a diamond to reflect facets of light. This is a comprehensive, guided study presented in digestible bites. Like stepping stones through the Bible, it teaches us how the righteousness of Jesus Christ affects us at every intersection and season of life. Love and faithfulness come together in this study. Righteousness and peace embrace. God’s faithfulness flows like springs of refreshing water to soak into every element of the created earth and its inhabitants.

The righteousness of Jesus Christ surrounds us, looking down upon us from heaven. His justice floods around us like waves that deposit treasures of the sea on shore, island, peninsula, and continent. Jesus’ perfect sacrificial obedience washes over us with blessings like the gentle waters of a brook. From the gardens that flourish in the valley, to the vineyard on the hillside, and to cattle grazing lush grass on the plain; Christ’s justice goes before Him to pour out the riches of heaven for the land to yield its bountiful harvest.

Christ victorious affects the foundations of home and family, making them Rock solid, surrounded in His goodness. Judicial civil governance for every nation on earth is built upon foundations the Creator established with the first words of creation: “Let there be light.” Our community and the church are strong enough to weather many storms when they are built upon Yahweh, our Father’s established tenets of justice, love, and mercy.

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