The Kalmus Series (Bundle)

Own all four entries in Cho Larson’s Kalmus Series together in this bundle for only $43.99. That’s a discount of more than 25% over buying each book individually. If you’ve wanted to read these powerful Biblical study guides, work through them with friends, or purchase them for your own church group, but haven’t taken that step yet, now is a great opportunity to get all of them together.



The Kalmus Series

For the first time, own the first three entries in Cho Larson’s Kalmus Series together in this bundle for only $32.95. That’s a discount of more than 25% over buying each book individually. If you’ve wanted to read these powerful Biblical study guides, work through them with friends, or purchase them for your own church group, but haven’t taken that step yet, now is a great opportunity. All three print books will be sent bundled together, with free shipping as always.

For more information about the individual books in this bundle, read on below:

Great Separations: Book I of the Kalmus Series

Life’s first breath begins a journey filled with separations. Every crossroad we come to requires that something be left behind. These pathways reflect the invisible spiritual realm, where separations began on day one of creation. God’s beneficial separations have continued throughout time and continue in our spiritual walk even today.

We are called to separate what is holy from what is common. When we answer the call, the difference between God-given natural or common gifts and spiritual gifts becomes evident. They are as different as a sunrise and sunset. Both common talents and spiritual gifts are given by God for a good purpose, and each does its best work when used as God planned.

As nations reject Christian influence and become post-Christian cultures, the work of the Great Commission turns into a major obstacle course. For the church, this mission has become too great a task to be accomplished by common means. This study guide powerfully portrays the Spirit of Jesus who manifests Himself in greater measure as Christians separate themselves from serving by human effort alone. This vital work of the kingdom of heaven was given to us on the day Jesus ascended, and is made possible by means of the anointing, gifting, and empowering work of the Spirit.

Great Gatherings: Book II of the Kalmus Series

Great Gatherings highlights the dynamic effect of gathering together where our Lord Jesus Christ ministers as High Priest. This book is designed for individual and group study to help Jesus’ followers grow in grace and knowledge. The goal of this study is to inspire Christians to strengthen their faith by encouraging them to join with others in worshipful assemblies. New Testament references to “one another” are the heart of these lessons. Each chapter reveals the true nature of our heavenly Father who gathers His children like a flock. Beautiful word pictures of the power and effect of gathering together enrich every study topic.

The first book of study in the Kalmus Series is Great Separations. In this trek through the Bible, the learner is called to be separated to Christ, overcome weaknesses, and accomplish the work of the Great Commission in His power and strength. Great Gatherings furthers this message by revealing the benefits lavished on those who come together in Jesus’ name. The first chapter’s look at challenges of the contemporary church in a post-modern world prepares the learner for the refreshing messages in rest of the study. The studies within will inspire the reader to gather and worship in a way that outshines anything they could ever ask or imagine.

This topical thesis shows how a Christian assembly affects our lives daily and forever. The blessings and wonders of shared worship will become more and more evident as its messages progress. The emphasis of this walk through the Bible is to show that when the whole Gospel truth is taught, preached, and received with gladness, Jesus’ presence will be confirmed in our gatherings.

The Greatest Love: Book III of the Kalmus Series

The Greatest Love is a topical study that presents a fresh look at foundational instructions in the Scriptures regarding God’s love. Each chapter study is designed for all those who desire to know more of Christ. The author’s inspiring voice lends beautiful hues and a plentiful color palette filled with descriptions and applications of God’s greatest commandment. The learner will come to know how immeasurable the Father’s love is for His sons and daughters; a love greater than human words can describe.

Each segment of every lesson offers clear and simple teaching for those who desire to return to their first love and to truths too often forgotten. The study chapters are not adapted to any one religious persuasion. Instead, each lesson teaches the core truths of God’s abundant love and, with help from the Spirit of Christ, the learner will come to know the awesome dimensions of God’s love that can’t be contained by denominational paradigms.

Every chapter is followed up with questions that help apply the message and offer food for meditation on heaven’s kind of love. Even though our human intellect can’t fully grasp the vastness of God’s loving kindness, we press on to understand the precepts of the holy Scriptures. The lessons in this book will challenge the learner because this love can neither be earned nor deserved, and yet the Church and all of humankind benefit from it.

Like any topical study with such a goal, the lessons must begin by establishing the need for a contrite heart and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is God’s loving kindness that leads, guides, and creates a clean heart. The teachings in this study book will lift the learner up from a world where hate, prejudice, injustice, cruelty, violence, power struggles, and tribalism try to rule the day.

The Greatest Wave: Book IV of the Kalmus Series

All topics in this study guide are filled with nuggets of Scripture. This refreshing learning experience builds precept upon precept until the complete picture unfolds. Because Scripture interprets Scripture, there are numerous verses in every chapter that serve like a diamond to reflect facets of light. This is a comprehensive, guided study presented in digestible bites. Like stepping stones through the Bible, it teaches us how the righteousness of Jesus Christ affects us at every intersection and season of life. Love and faithfulness come together in this study. Righteousness and peace embrace. God’s faithfulness flows like springs of refreshing water to soak into every element of the created earth and its inhabitants.

The righteousness of Jesus Christ surrounds us, looking down upon us from heaven. His justice floods around us like waves that deposit treasures of the sea on shore, island, peninsula, and continent. Jesus’ perfect sacrificial obedience washes over us with blessings like the gentle waters of a brook. From the gardens that flourish in the valley, to the vineyard on the hillside, and to cattle grazing lush grass on the plain; Christ’s justice goes before Him to pour out the riches of heaven for the land to yield its bountiful harvest.

Christ victorious affects the foundations of home and family, making them Rock solid, surrounded in His goodness. Judicial civil governance for every nation on earth is built upon foundations the Creator established with the first words of creation: “Let there be light.” Our community and the church are strong enough to weather many storms when they are built upon Yahweh, our Father’s established tenets of justice, love, and mercy.

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