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Warner House Press is undergoing a major transition and is offering only limited editing and publishing services to existing clients for the immediate future. The store is unaffected and will continue to offer works from our talented authors for sale.

About Us

Warner House Press is an editing and publishing company based in Albertville, Alabama. Seeking to publish works of any genre or content with high moral value, our technological process takes the author from idea to publication, allowing writers freedom to focus solely on what matters: Writing. With a selection of tools that work together to capture thoughts, provide structure, and enable the free flow of ideas, Warner House Press aims to effectively enable our clients’ work to be the best version of itself possible.

“The traditional view is that true art is moral: it seeks to improve life, not debase it” – John Gardner, On Moral Fiction, p.5

Warner House Press is proud to announce the upcoming publication of the Lifegate English New Testament (LENT). Translated by J. James Mancuso, the author of New England Ramblings, this novel translation of the New Testament offers 1st century truths for 21st century minds.

Warner House Press is a Godsend. I have known the Warner family for over 15 years, and both Dave and Robert have a history as quality linguists and writers serving in the U.S. military.
Writers don’t need a writers’ agent to work with them, and we can produce together without a big established audience/platform. Dave Warner is honest enough to tell me when my FB posts fall flat, and Robert does more with commas (as art form) than anyone I’ve ever met. Their Google Docs format of writing and editing enables quick and smooth editing, while I can also provide feedback on the changes made. Literally, they have been able to adapt to my writing style and help enhance the message.
Most of all, they are going to help fulfill a lifelong dream by getting a book produced–one we are using as a pathway for our new speakers network. I highly recommend Warner House Press for anyone considering writing a book. They are looking for new clients and will help you to find your “writer’s voice” and message.

Dave Arden, Church Planter Catalyst and Author of Chosen to Speak

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Do you have a work that you’d like to see published? We at Warner House Press take our clients all the way through the production of a book, from editing to formatting and, finally, distribution.

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