Pricing and Services


Warner House Press aims to be what the IBPA considers a hybrid publisher. We do not offer an all-inclusive package, but instead start our relationship with an author at whatever point they’re currently at with their manuscript. Usually this is with editing services. After a free sample, we charge at or below industry standard rates for editing. If the author and WHP find we are a good fit, we then move on to formatting and publishing the work. Publishing is provided at no upfront cost to the author and our company royalty rates are lower than the industry standard. While we utilize contracts for editing and publishing, there is no penalty for terminating the relationship at any time.


Warner House Press offers competitive prices for our editing services based on a standard put forth by the Editorial Freelancers Association*.

Level of EditingPrice (Per Word)
Developmental Editing$0.033


The process of proofreading consists of light editing and quality-checking.  Spelling and grammar mistakes will be marked for correction, as well as awkward breaks or other formatting issues.


Copyediting is a more in-depth process than proofreading. Throughout the document, spelling, grammar, syntax, and formatting issues will be marked. In addition, the copyeditor will check for uniformity in spelling and formatting, consistency throughout the work itself, and note any loose ends or plot holes as applicable.

Developmental Editing

The act of developmental editing includes all the technical aspects contained within both proofreading and copyediting. In addition, we will draw upon our expertise as experienced writers and readers both to suggest stylistic and content changes. When performing developmental editing, the goal is to make the author’s work the best version of itself it can be while still preserving its original voice and vision.

*Prices are converted from an hourly rate based on an average count of 500 words per page, with a work speed of 10 pages per hour for proofreading, 7 per hour for copyediting, and 5 per hour for developmental editing.

Interested in our editing services? Submit a manuscript with the button below to get a free editing sample.


To prepare for print and digital distribution, Warner House Press offers professional formatting of any text into print-ready PDF and EPUB format. This service is performed with Adobe InDesign, and priced at a rate of $40 per hour.

Plain text books will often only take 2-4 hours, while works with a larger ratio of images to text, such as children’s books and photography albums, will require more time. WHP can provide official estimates on a case-by-case basis.

Formatting (Print or Ebook)$50 / hour


Warner House Press offer publishing in print and ebook through a variety of online platforms including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. Physical distribution is also provided through IngramSpark.

For more information about WHP’s full publishing process, check the Publishing Process page below.


To prepare for formatting, Warner House Press offers professional transcription services. This process may be required for original manuscripts not provided in a word-editable format, such as .pdf or physical copy.

Transcription is performed manually, by OCR scan, or through voice recognition. All forms of transcription include proofreading and are charged at a flat rate by the word.



In addition to the publishing services listed above, Warner House Press is pleased to offer web design, website maintenance, and tech support in a variety of areas. Our tech consulting has moved to its own division of the company: Warner House of Technology!

Web design and tech support begin at $120 an hour, while website maintenance is provided at the low price of $39 each month. Visit the Services page at the WHoT website for more details.