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Welcome to Warner House Press, a new private editor and publisher in Northern Arizona seeking to act as an alternative to traditional publishing houses. We’re looking for authors with something to say; a work that they care about and want to share with the world. In short, Moral Fiction. This blog is meant as a space for us to share our ideas, post excerpts from some of our favorite books, and share a bit of
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Warner House Press is pleased to announce today a new service offered to our clients. Often, individuals or organizations we’ve worked with on web design have come back requesting further, minor changes or help uploading new content to their websites after the initial design process has finished. Rather than charging the full web design consulting fee ($120/hour) for these services, we’ve decided to offer a Website Maintenance plan. Under this monthly plan, any requested changes
Services, Warner House Press No matter how ambitious one might be, there’s a limit to what a small company can achieve on its own. With the majority of the market dominated by giants, it’s more important than ever for independent businesses to stick together. Networking. Teamwork. Safety in numbers. Call it what you like, it’s key to thriving and surviving in the current environment. Warner House Press is no exception. We owe most of our business to word
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14th August 2020

In Depth Review of Jamie

In this in-depth review, Reverend Ron Minor delves into the psychological aspects of Elizabeth Isola’s encouraging work Jamie, recently re-published by Warner House Press. A shorter version of this review appeared on Amazon. Used by permission. Warning: This review contains spoilers. The Review This book gives amazing insight into the life of a young girl who suffered through years of sexual abuse at the hands of a respected medical doctor who kept her in social
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13th August 2020

Mabel meets Erda

We are proud to announce our first children’s book, Mabel & Erda: How Mabel Louise Met Erda the ‘Squatch and Became Best Friends. Mabel Louise is an exceptional young lady and skilled adventurer. One day, she runs into something really unexpected: A Sasquatch! But Mabel’s kind heart leads the two unlikely girls to become friends. This colorful, heart-warming tale, told and illustrated by Bonnie L. Ferguson, captures a spirit of adventure and friendship that is
Mabel & Erda
Self-publishing is within the reach of most authors, but what do you miss when achieving your dream solo? This past week, we had the pleasure of sitting around a dining room table with a superb author and her long-time friend, who is an author in her own right. Ideas flowed, insights were traded, and something magical was accomplished: we each grew as people, and as Christians, gaining in our understanding of each other and the
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