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Welcome to Warner House Press, a new private editor and publisher in Northern Arizona seeking to act as an alternative to traditional publishing houses. We’re looking for authors with something to say; a work that they care about and want to share with the world. In short, Moral Fiction. This blog is meant as a space for us to share our ideas, post excerpts from some of our favorite books, and share a bit of
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On my way there, I observed any number of men panhandling. What amazed me was how openly they were doing it.  Even on some of the main thoroughfares they stopped pretty near every man who looked a little bit prosperous without any interference from the authorities.  Some were standing in the middle of the sidewalk, some were walking against the traffic holding their hands out, and if the handouts didn’t come fast enough to suit
Waiting for the Train

22nd October 2019

Chosen to Speak: Excerpt 1

Dave Arden, author of Chosen to Speak, struggled for years with a speech impediment.   It was easier for him to ignore the problem; to simply go on without attempting to effect change in his life and his service. Even as a pastor who served for many years, with graduate level training, he struggled to find his voice and his rhythm.  However, with the help of stalwart coaching, the support of his friends and congregation, and the
Chosen to Speak
“It seemed a queer thing. In these men who were not even very well educated, most likely the product of a very poor environment, and who seemed to have been in dire want a long time, I had found one of those rare qualities that go to ease the burdens and vicissitudes of life: A helping hand and seeing you through. In comparing it with past experiences during all this Depression so far, I thought
Waiting for the Train
Once in awhile, I detected in their conversation and actions a want of confidence and freedom that is felt among friends. They talked to each other as though they were perfect strangers, yet at times they seemed to have met before. All had that haunted look in their eyes, and one of them acted as though he might be a hunted and wanted man.Every time any one of them started to speak, all the rest
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An excerpt from the second chapter of Waiting for the Train, by John MacDonald: “Walking along a highway that is lighted so poorly as this one wasn’t a very pleasant evening’s stroll. However, I was going someplace [and] wherever that was would sometime or other present itself if I walked long enough.I finally came to a crossroad and here I turned left and not fifty feet from there I banged smack up against a wooden
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