Code of Standards

Warner House Press follows a Code of Standards set forth by the Alliance of Independent Authors for both writers and partners. We seek to respect and improve a writer’s works, enhancing their content without ever losing the author’s essential voice and message. As stated in the Code, we add value to a work commensurate with the fee charged, and relieve the author of key publishing tasks. It is our goal that the writer be free to focus entirely on their writing.

Our Values

The core values of Warner House Press are:

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Faith
  • Empathy
  • Fulfillment


Every creative individual has surely at one point in their life desired to write a book. Our mission at Warner House Press is to make that desire into a reality. We value the creative spirit, and the great works of art that it can produce. Works which enrich the world in which we live.


A writer must write, and it is our purpose at WHP to ensure that this can be the case. By handling editing, formatting, distribution, and other key publishing tasks, we leave the writer to focus on the task that gives them drive; that act which they are truly passionate about: Writing.

In turn, our own passion is to help our clients achieve their goals. All members of Warner House Press are writers themselves, and hold an extensive literary history. We understand what it means to be invested in one’s writing, and want to nurture that passion in our clients as much as in ourselves.


WHP is an inclusively Christian organization. Our company was founded on key Christian morals, but we will never exclude any aspiring authors on the basis of faith or personal beliefs. All are welcome and will be treated with equal respect.


It is our desire at WHP to publish works that have something to say; works of high moral value. Moral value in this case is defined by John Gardner as content which seeks to improve life, not debase it. Our goal is to bring forth works ultimately from a place of compassion. We will not publish any content whose goal is to attack, insult, or defame an individual or group of people, regardless of the target.


Publishing a work is the ultimate goal of many aspiring authors. It’s a great achievement, and something a writer can truly be proud of. Warner House Press wants to aid in achieving that goal and making real the sense of actualization that comes with it. By taking the author all the way from idea to publication, we aim to make that fulfillment a reality again and again.