Frequently Asked Questions

At Warner House Press, we’ve received a few questions more commonly than others. The purpose of this section is to answer some of these frequent queries for the benefit of anyone interested in potentially doing business with our company. This is, however, far from an exhaustive list. If you have any questions, covered by this page or not, or a suggestion of another answer you’d like to see put here, please contact us at info@warner.house and we’ll respond promptly.

Do you charge for publishing?

Warner House Press offers publishing through online platforms and print distribution at no upfront cost to the author. However, we do carefully vet our submissions, and may require additional editing and/or formatting before the work is ready for distribution. WHP provides these services at below-industry standard rates.

Doesn’t an editor just correct my writing mistakes?

Not at all! While correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes is a large part of editing, it’s far from the whole experience. Warner House Press’ editors aren’t teachers marking up your manuscript with red ink and pointing out your mistakes. Rather, we strive to provide a service while working together with the author as equals, collaboratively tuning their manuscript into the best version of itself it can be. Throughout this process, the author’s own voice and vision are sacrosanct.

What tools do you use?

Warner House Press’ main toolset is the G Suite of Google cloud software. We use Google Docs to collaborate with authors on their works, Google Sheets to record important data, and Google Drive to store and organize all of it in a single, easily-accessible shared location.
In addition to the above, WHP also uses Trello and Slack to improve workflow and communicate directly with our clients, as well as Adobe InDesign to format manuscripts for distribution.
Access to all of these services is provided by Warner House Press at no charge to the client.
Clicking on the name of any of the above programs will take you to its respective homepage, where you can learn more about it.

Do I need a Google account to work with you?

While Warner House Press uses the Google G Suite of tools for the majority of our editing work, a previous Google account or experience with any of their products is not necessary to work with us.
If an author who joins us does not have an account already, we will be happy to set them up with credentials specifically for themselves or the work that they’re planning to publish.
WHP may add a minor charge for these services if they are necessary, which can be waived at the editor’s discretion.

Does Warner House Press have legal contracts with its clients?

Yes. Warner House Press utilizes both a standard editing and a standard publishing contract with the intent to protect both our rights and those of the author. The primary purpose of these documents is to ensure that there is no confusion over copyright, licensing, or similar legal matters. Contracts are always provided up-front to customers with no hidden wording or terms. If you would like to review a sample of our contracts, please contact info@warner.house with your request and one will be sent to you.

How can I market my book?

Once an author’s work is formatted and ready for publication, Warner House Press provides certain marketing steps at no cost. These include a landing page with a free downloadable sample of the book and links to retailers where it can be purchased. In addition, WHP will make a public announcement through social media and our own blog regarding the book’s release and where it can be purchased.

We’re happy to assist with further marketing endeavors beyond these points, for which we charge on an hourly consulting basis.