Our Mission Statement

Warner House Press (WHP) is a publisher that exists to support authors who have something important to say. We provide the best combination of digital technology and craft available.

As Warner House Press, we aim to facilitate the publishing process all the way from concept to finished product. We offer a realistic and accessible platform for local and national writers who would otherwise, for whatever reason, find it difficult to engage with a larger publishing house.

A Hybrid Publisher

Warner House Press is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). We present ourselves as a Hybrid Press, and adhere to specific criteria as defined by the IBPA.

What’s stopping you from publishing a book?

Whatever the answer is, we want to help you find a solution. At Warner House Press, we offer a variety of services to fit the needs of any client regardless of what stage of production they find themselves at. Among these are:

  • Proofreading, Copyediting, or Developmental Editing
  • Formatting for Digital and Print Distribution
  • Training on Modern Writing Tools and Methods
  • Publishing and Distribution

Go in-depth with the WHP process on the Publishing Process page.

Learn more about our other services in detail on the Pricing and Services page.

While putting out a book isn’t cheap, we also offer payment plans to suit any financial situation.

Because our focus at Warner House Press is solely on the author, the majority of royalties from any book sale go to the creator of the work.

Local and International

Local and International Publisher

Warner House Press publishes internationally, but we are also a local business and aim to connect with nearby clients and communities.

Local and International Publisher

Now located in the Albertville area of Alabama, Warner House Press also has connections where we were founded in Rimrock, Arizona, as well as in Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, and nearby areas.

Local and International Publisher

In the future, we plan to host events at local churches, schools, and conventions.