Chosen to Speak

Chosen to Speak

A book and a journey penned by Chosen to Speak Ministries Director Dave Arden. This trek follows the path of Moses from outcast and amateur public speaker into the established communicator and national leader whom God uses to deliver Israel from slavery.

Following Biblical principles, the focus of the book is not on mere performance but in finding connection to the Father and our identity in relationship to Christ. The goal is to gain confidence in speaking out of God’s wisdom, understanding, and through growth in leadership.

The “Chosen to Speak” experience is shared through the lens of someone who has made that life journey from babbling rambler to effective influencer.

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About the Author

Dave Arden is the vision-keeper behind Chosen to Speak Ministries. His love for writing began in the 3rd grade when he won an award in a children’s writing contest.

However, Dave struggled for decades with a speaking abnormality that often made his public voice erratic, speed driven, and difficult to understand. With the help of key coaches, Dave was able to turn the corner in public speaking and find a rhythm to speak in order to impact lives.

Dave has been working for the last 5 years during his “off hours” to discover a Biblical pathway from Moses’ life that will help developing leaders to discover their voice.
He has a Business degree from Baylor University and a Master’s in Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Ft. Worth. He has been married to his wife Rebecca for 26 years and has two daughters, Hope and Brooke.

Find him on Facebook or visit the homepage of Chosen to Speak Ministries.