Great Gatherings

Great Gatherings

Gather the People – Joel 2:16

Book II of the Kalmus Series

Great Gatherings highlights the dynamic effect of gathering together where our Lord Jesus Christ ministers as High Priest. This book is designed for individual and group study to help Jesus’ followers grow in grace and knowledge. The goal of this study is to inspire Christians to strengthen their faith by encouraging them to join with others in worshipful assemblies. New Testament references to “one another” are the heart of these lessons. Each chapter reveals the true nature of our heavenly Father who gathers His children like a flock. Beautiful word pictures of the power and effect of gathering together enrich every study topic. 

The first book of study in the Kalmus Series is Great Separations. In this trek through the Bible, the learner is called to be separated to Christ, overcome weaknesses, and accomplish the work of the Great Commission in His power and strength. Great Gatherings furthers this message by revealing the benefits lavished on those who come together in Jesus’ name. The first chapter’s look at challenges of the contemporary church in a post-modern world prepares the learner for the refreshing messages in rest of the study. The studies within will inspire the reader to gather and worship in a way that outshines anything they could ever ask or imagine.

This topical thesis shows how a Christian assembly affects our lives daily and forever. The blessings and wonders of shared worship will become more and more evident as its messages progress. The emphasis of this walk through the Bible is to show that when the whole Gospel truth is taught, preached, and received with gladness, Jesus’ presence will be confirmed in our gatherings.

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