Warner House Press is currently engaged in publishing the following works:

Chosen to Speak

A book and a journey currently in development by Ramblers United director Dave Arden. “Chosen to Speak” follows the path of Moses from outcast and amateur public speaker into the established communicator and national leader whom God uses to deliver Israel from slavery.

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A tale of compassion, faith, resilience, and forgiveness through the eyes of a young girl, brought to us by Elizabeth Isola. Originally released by Rook Publishing, Jamie is being redistributed by Warner House Press with a new cover, interior design, and an introduction from the late author’s husband.

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Waiting for the Train

A Depression-era journal by John MacDonald. 
Edited for grammar and clarity by Warner House Press, this document details John’s experiences as a transient during the Great Depression. From the hobo life, to encounters with railyard police, all the way to battling the elements themselves, John’s firsthand account delivers an engaging and authentic vision of a mostly lost piece of American history.

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