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Cover by Ian Loudon of OKAY Media Warner House Press is proud to announce its latest coming release, Great Separations by Cho Larson; available April 5th on the WHP store and other major online retailers. This republishing of the first book in Cho Larson’s Kalmus Series includes several updated passages and significant reformatting to align it with the other Kalmus volumes published by Warner House Press. As the first in its series, Great Separations is
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Cover by mark stafford of ablaze media A Place Like No Other; Presented by its People Warner House Press is proud to announce its latest release, Best of the Bradshaws, by Bradshaws native Barb Myers. A collection of anecdotes, histories, and other bits and pieces of culture, this volume presents an authentic taste of the area around Cleator in the distant mountains of Arizona. If you love nature, love the mountains, love a life close
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As a small business that emphasizes ethics, our goal is to be as transparent as possible, the only exception being when it comes to data involving individual customers. In light of this, we’ve decided to post our standard contract online and provide a guide highlighting portions over the course of a few blog posts.  First up today is the editing contract.  1.  EDITOR TASKS  The Editor agrees to perform the following on the piece <work
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27th January 2021

The Taxonomy of Dashes

You’re probably familiar with the friendly hyphen “-” with all its uses in connecting words and phrases, but have you met its cousins? There are actually three major types of dashes in modern English writing, each with its own unique, specific applications. Most of the time, you can get away with using a hyphen or a pair of them anywhere you might see one of these others. If you’re looking for a challenge, though, the
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Announcing The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Digital Marketing, a new release from Warner House Press and Ablaze Media. Do you own a small business or otherwise sell your own products or services? The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Digital Marketing by Mark Stafford and the experts at Ablaze Media is a great tool for anyone seeking to improve their digital presence and draw in more customers. The valuable topics made easy in this short
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