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Starting a business is hard work, especially when you don’t have any experience in doing anything like it before. It’s not always clear what to do next, or how to overcome some of the bureaucratic challenges that come with it. This was the situation my father and I found ourselves in when we founded Warner House Press about a year ago. The first thing to do, when lost in the professional world, is to consider
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Photography by J. James Mancuso The landing page for Warner House Press’ newest release, New England Ramblings by J. James Mancuso, now includes a free download for a sample of the full work. Visit it and check out the sample spread at! New England Ramblings combines skilled photography with inspiring devotionals and a focus on the region’s rich history of faith and revivals. It’s planned for release on May 1st, 2020. As with all
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Photograph by J. James Mancuso Warner House Press is proud to announce that we will soon be publishing New England Ramblings by J. James Mancuso. This spiritual and photographic journey through the beautiful vistas of New England is highlighted by original testimonials and excerpts from scripture. J. James (Jim) Mancuso is one of the founding faculty at Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vermont. He teaches English, and serves as Vice President of Library Services, as
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17th December 2019

Interview with Patti Teel

Warner House Press recently had the privilege to be interviewed by Patti Teel of Hub for Podcasting, a media broadcasting company based in Sedona, Arizona. The interview originally broadcast in the Santa Barbara area on KTMS News Talk 990 in mid-December of 2019. A copy of the audio file was provided to us by Patti, and we’re happy to be able to host it here as well. Take a look at Patti Teel’s other work
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My old adversary started to run things again, so I told him to get along or get going and take care of himself.He didn’t like being told to get, so he got mad and started to cursing and swearing again and then came that word ‘punk’ again. This time I didn’t bother asking any questions; I just put my arms back and put every ounce of [my] one hundred and sixty pounds backing it and
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