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13th August 2020

Mabel meets Erda

We are proud to announce our first children’s book, Mabel & Erda: How Mabel Louise Met Erda the ‘Squatch and Became Best Friends. Mabel Louise is an exceptional young lady and skilled adventurer. One day, she runs into something really unexpected: A Sasquatch! But Mabel’s kind heart leads the two unlikely girls to become friends. This colorful, heart-warming tale, told and illustrated by Bonnie L. Ferguson, captures a spirit of adventure and friendship that is
Mabel & Erda
Self-publishing is within the reach of most authors, but what do you miss when achieving your dream solo? This past week, we had the pleasure of sitting around a dining room table with a superb author and her long-time friend, who is an author in her own right. Ideas flowed, insights were traded, and something magical was accomplished: we each grew as people, and as Christians, gaining in our understanding of each other and the
Warner House Press, Writing
Working as a professional editor for Warner House Press has been an educational and sometimes challenging experience. No longer can I simply rely on “my gut” for how things should be spelled, syntax arranged, or grammar applied. It seemed prudent to have an objective standard we could fall back on in cases of uncertainty, so we chose the Chicago Manual of Style, which is geared specifically toward editing and publishing. I soon found, however, that
Warner House Press, Writing
Starting a business is hard work, especially when you don’t have any experience in doing anything like it before. It’s not always clear what to do next, or how to overcome some of the bureaucratic challenges that come with it. This was the situation my father and I found ourselves in when we founded Warner House Press about a year ago. The first thing to do, when lost in the professional world, is to consider
Warner House Press, Writing
Photography by J. James Mancuso The landing page for Warner House Press’ newest release, New England Ramblings by J. James Mancuso, now includes a free download for a sample of the full work. Visit it and check out the sample spread at! New England Ramblings combines skilled photography with inspiring devotionals and a focus on the region’s rich history of faith and revivals. It’s planned for release on May 1st, 2020. As with all
New England Ramblings, Projects, Warner House Press

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