Every Writer Needs a Support Network

Self-publishing is within the reach of most authors, but what do you miss when achieving your dream solo? This past week, we had the pleasure of sitting around a dining room table with a superb author and her long-time friend, who is an author in her own right. Ideas flowed, insights were traded, and something magical was accomplished: we each grew as people, and as Christians, gaining in our understanding of each other and the human condition. What a delightful experience! One that makes the effort of producing books enjoyable and enriching.

Support networks for writers come in all shapes and sizes. Our absolute favorite is Word Weavers, in particular the Northern Arizona group headed by Alice Klies. During our first year as members, they have practiced truth under grace. We’ve seen it time and again⏤authors achieving a greater understanding of their craft, only needing the smallest push to enhance their literary strengths and understand their weaknesses. It’s a group effort, and not to be missed. I walk out of each meeting feeling ready to tackle any literary challenge. 

When your manuscript is nearly complete, the next step can seem impossible. How to publish? How to get your words and ideas out into the marketplace? A small press can be a great solution to this dilemma. But, caveat emptor! Be sure that the press you choose is ethical and has a good track record. Warner House Press was founded on ethical principles and we’ve successfully produced several books, each to their author’s satisfaction. 

In the 20th century, small presses such as Farrar, Strauss, Giroux and Scribners greatly extended the reach of literary output. Without them, authors as well-known as Hemingway and Donald Barthelme (a personal favorite) may never have been published. The role of small presses today is a bit different: they provide structure and consistency to the free-for-all that characterizes the modern book market, sitting prettily in between stolid gargantuan publishing houses (the “big four”) and author self-publishing.  
  Our goal at Warner House Press is to provide support throughout the lifetime of your book. We supplement the aid found through groups such as Word Weavers during the writing and editing phases, and then engage to provide structure, consistency, feedback, and networking during and after publication. Our prices are reasonable and our service is personalized. For more information about what we can offer, please visit our pricing and services page at https://warner.house/pricing-and-services-editing-and-publishing/.

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