Hub for Podcasting and the Importance of Working Together

No matter how ambitious one might be, there’s a limit to what a small company can achieve on its own. With the majority of the market dominated by giants, it’s more important than ever for independent businesses to stick together. Networking. Teamwork. Safety in numbers. Call it what you like, it’s key to thriving and surviving in the current environment.

Warner House Press is no exception. We owe most of our business to word of mouth, and so the value of connections like the one we share with Patti Teel and Hub for Podcasting cannot be overstated. Ever since the Yavapai County SBDC so kindly recommended her to us, Patti has been an invaluable resource for introductions and expertise. For our part, we’re fortunate enough to have been able to offer some assistance in return. It’s been a synergistic relationship that we count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to participate in.

One further thing we can do is to give her a mention on our own platform, and so that’s the purpose of our blog post today. If you have any interest in broadcasting, podcasting, audio recording, or anything in the related realms, be sure to check Hub for Podcasting out at They come with a big Warner House Press seal of approval for their skillful services and incredibly kind and friendly leadership. Even if podcasting isn’t in your future, they’ve got a great list of local shows from the Arizona and California areas that are definitely worth a listen.

It’s more important than ever for us to work together, whether in the realm of business or otherwise. In this area, Warner House Press hopes to lead by example with Hub for Podcasting and our many other wonderful clients and partners.

Thanks for reading.

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